H.E.L.P. of Southern Indiana | Free Healthcare Resources & Non-Profit Organization in Evansville, IN


The primary mission of HELP of Southern Indiana is to educate the community on healthcare resources available to you one person at a time. The “HELP” in HELP of Southern Indiana stands for Healthcare Education Learning Partners. We are a 501C3, not for profit organization located in Southern Indiana. The HELP Group contains an experienced group of volunteer healthcare professionals who choose to collaborate and provide education and resources in a complicated world of healthcare. Our Members are passionate about the healthcare resources and information available to the people in the community. 

Join us at an event to learn more about HELP of Southern Indiana. For more information about these events click on the Calendar of Events tab above. With continually evolving changes in healthcare, it is important that you and your family understand the most current concepts and issues regarding health care. The group is here to speak with and answer questions about various services related to healthcare.

HELP of Southern Indiana is available to come and speak at Nursing Facilities, Churches, Senior Centers and more! Click the "Contact Us" tab for more Info.